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Corporate Videos »


This production focuses mainly on the corporate image of a company.

It tells a story and portray a certain feel and image of the organisation, their core business and footprint, the mission and vision statements.

Such a production will most likely feature on the main page of your website or possibly be screened in the reception area and at exhibitions.




Marketing or Sales Videos »



This genre is mainly to market not just your company but a specific product, line or service.

This video will be more focused on a specific target market and can also be interpreted as a sales video






TV Commercials »


A Short thirty seconds or one minute production for TV broadcast








Training or Induction Videos »


These videos are mainly produced for in-house purposes.

To welcome new staff onboard and to introduce them to the corporate culture, rules and regulations and even a personalised message from senior management.

Training videos can also be used to illustrate the operating methods or serve as a visual installation manual